ISTR Voluntas Best Paper Award

I’m very happy to announce that joint work with Jesse Lecy and Hans Peter Schmitz (“Non-Governmental and Not-for-Profit Organizational Effectiveness: A Modern Synthesis”) was named the best paper published in Voluntas in 2012 by the International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR). Below is an excerpt from the committee’s decision. A full write up about the award can be found HERE and a full draft of the paper is available HERE.

In the committee’s view the article makes a set of strong contributions to the field of third sector research. First of all, it points out interesting directions for future research that are based on a systematic overview of the literature that already exists. Most importantly, the article is a powerful call for more empirically based studies within NGO/NPO effectiveness studies. Second, the article is methodologically innovative and provides a pedagogic and thoughtful demonstration of how such a method could be employed. Finally, Lecy et al. make use of their findings in order to create a framework for donors that could be used to better guide performance assessments than what is currently the case. Four domains are pointed out; the domains of managerial, program and network effectiveness, and the domain of legitimacy. In framing these domains, Lecy et al. make explicit use of the findings from their literature review, in particular the acknowledgment that effectiveness is a complex and multi-level concept. This is an excellent example of how academic findings may have broader policy implications, either for organizations, individuals or governments” (Steen-Johnsen et al., 2014).